Our Safety Systems

Our quality management systems

Barbican Supplies Ltd, is a well-established trade butcher, with a rigorous quality management system in place. To find out more, ring 020 8808 4500 to speak to our knowledgeable team.

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The company fleet incorporates state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, to ensure your goods are delivered at the required temperature. Vehicles are pre-refrigerated prior to loading and their temperatures recorded before they leave the factory, and at regular intervals throughout the day. We also ensure that temperature recording equipment is calibrated on a daily basis to the required standards.


All staff initially undergo induction training prior to being allowed to commence duties with Barbican Supplies Ltd. Within 3 months of joining the company, staff are required to have achieved The Royal Institute of Public Health Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene & Safety.

Product testing

Procedures are in place to ensure all products are inspected on receipt, during processing, storage and distribution. Finished products are subjected to a microbiological testing regime, on a monthly basis to a pre-planned schedule.
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Our health and safety systems

Plant hygiene and housekeeping

Barbican Supplies Ltd recognises the fact that plant hygiene and good housekeeping, are critical factors in maintaining food safety. As a result, cleaning schedules are in place and are an essential part of the quality system. Post cleaning hygiene audits are undertaken on a daily basis, with microbiological hygiene monitoring undertaken on a weekly basis to a planned schedule.

Customer complaints

Barbican Supplies Ltd, welcomes all feedback from customers. In this respect, we recognise the need for continual improvement of both our products and service. As a result, any complaints are recorded and in all cases, action taken to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Purchased goods

All goods and raw materials are purchased from approved suppliers only. In order to determine those suppliers meet approval, a full audit of suppliers’ premises and food safety quality systems are conducted.
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Traceability and labelling

At Barbican Supplies, we currently employ a system which enables the full traceability of products from receipt, through the production process, to delivery to final customer. All labelling complies with current legislation and includes information required by the beef and veal labelling regulations. The importance we place on this means we ensure that all documentation is held on record for a minimum period of 36 months.

Genetically modified foods & ingredients

It is the policy of Barbican Supplies Ltd to totally restrict the use of genetically modified materials in our products. In all instances where the presence of such materials is known, the company has undertaken a programme to find alternatives. Where alternatives can’t be found, and the use of genetically modified materials is unavoidable, such materials will be clearly declared and identified on labels, in accordance with current legislation. To date, this has not been necessary, as all products sold by us are currently GM material free.

For more information please contact us or ring 020 8808 4500 to speak to the team.  
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